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Promotional Video for the Child Support Snapshot
December 2021

I collaborated with producer to create this two minute video promoting the benefits of using the Snapshot. I wrote the script and managed the project to ensure we met our eight week deadline. The YouTube video is below. 
Navigating the OCSS Learning Link 
October 2021

After I launched our latest LMS that I named the OCSS Learning Link, I wanted to onboard users quickly. So I created a five-part eLearn video series. The YouTube version that introduces the new LMS is below.

NOTE: The resolution is greatly reduced for Youtube. 

Child Support Snapshot Basics
October 2021

This eLearning course was restricted to our LMS, which required login credentials. To drive up usership, I was directed to include a version for the client's YouTube channel along with updating the eLearn to the 5.0 application release. 

NOTE: The resolution is greatly reduced for Youtube. 
New York State Sexual Harassment eLearning Course 

May 2019


I was hired to fix an eLearn that was created for the NYC Commission of Human Rights. CCHR wanted the English version rolled out in 1.5 weeks. I finished by the deadline to rave reviews.  Then I lead the edits in the Spanish version.  Ultimately this was to be translated into nine other languages and made available to all employers in New York State for their employees to satisfy the mandated one hour of sexual harassment training a year.  The following is the link to the course:

Confronting Sexual Harrassment Thumbnail.png
CEU-Accredited Course 

March 2019


I launched the course that I designed: What You Need to Know About Child Support for the Administration for Child Protective Services (ACS). This was the first time my client tasked me to partner with ACS to develop a CEU-accredited course for social workers to have a better understanding of the child support process, the benefits, and the debt-reduction programs and other services available to New York City families. 

Below please find links to two of the six eLearns that comprise the learning suite:


Module 3: Avoiding and Lifting Child Support Sanctions

Module 4: Motivational Interviewing – Talking to a Client About Snapshot:

Contact me if you'd like demos of the entire course. 

Video Collaboration 

 August 2016


My client wanted an instructor-led course turned into an eLearning. I lead the initiative and managed the vendor hired to create the videos.  Ultimately, the vendor required more hand holding.  As a result, I reworked the scripts for all five videos, designed select infographics as well as designed the last slide for each video and crafted the tagline: "Working together, we can lift up Children." (starts at minute 3.12). After this project launched, I was promoted to eLearning Design Lead. 

NOTE: The resolution is greatly reduced for Youtube. 

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