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Technology Helping Homebound Seniors

Many know since the winter I have been working with Selfhelp Virtual Senior Citizen Center. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to develop classes on my wish list- "JFK Conspiracy of Lone Shooter?", "Marina Oswald Revealed- Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald," "The Unlikely Civil War Soldier - Rosetta Wakeman," "The Assassin’s Assassin- Jack Ruby Unveiled," and "The Themes of the Great Gatsby," and my latest: "Discussion of "Sugar Baby" and the Price of Sugar in New York."

With GoogleHangouts we have an opportunity to engage learners who are unable to make it to the community service center to take classes in person. I wish this program was around for my grandmother and I hope other cities start implementing this, because isolation not only affects how we behave but how our minds function.

Selfhelp just received some much do praise that we are thrilled about. Check out the article:

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