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Project |01 What You Need to Know About Child Support

Last month, I launched an eLearning, CEU-accredited course for social workers at the Administration of Child Protective Services (ACS). This project began as a request for an eLearn that explains the benefits of child support and how to navigate an online tool to help noncustodial parents to take action on their child support cases. Upon roll out, I was then tasked to expand this module into a course: What You Need to Know About Child Support. The client also wanted an existing eLearn (created by a vendor in Storyline) included in this course.  First, I converted that module into Adobe Captivate, then drafted scripts, storyboards, and knowledge check questions for the four additional modules. After collaborating with key stakeholders to finalize the storyboards and scripts, I developed the remaining modules using Adobe Captivate. 

Project |02


Project |02 eLearning Lead - CUNY SPS

Initially the client was not pro-eLearning until I showed them how it brings the classroom alive. At first, in the classroom, participants were reluctant because it was new and many had limited technical skills. Yet with a little guidance, after each session, learners said they felt like they were playing a game while learning. 


These screenshots reflect some of the eLearns I created to support a blended learning classroom. If you'd like to see a live demo, just contact me for details.

Project |03


Project |03 Instructional Design Specialist

In September 2014 provided consulting for an online self study course that focuses on writing for the United Nations. Collaborated with SMEs to ensure learning objectives were achieved.  Drafted and edited scripts, refined course content, built modules and created learning activities with Captivate. As project evolved tasked with investigating Storyline as an alternative to Captivate and made recommendation to develop the online study in Storyline.

Project |04


Project |04 Virtual Teacher Volunteer

The Selfhelp Virtual Senior Citizen Center enables homebound seniors to have access to quality classes from the comfort of their homes.  

With Zoom, I facilitate a wide range of classes I crafted especially for Selfhelp, which include:

"JFK Conspiracy of Lone Shooter?," "Marina Oswald Revealed—Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald," "The Unlikely Civil War Soldier—Rosetta Wakeman," "The Assassin’s Assassin—Jack Ruby Unveiled," and "The Themes of the Great Gatsby."

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