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"Each day I try to be better than yesterday."


Welcome! I'm Jenny. If we were sharing an elevator, this is what I'd tell you: 


Grete Waitz, Betty White and Toni Morrison inspire me.  Seemingly a runner, comedian and writer appear unalike, but they embody qualities that I admire - perseverance, passion and genuineness.


Less unknown, but no less influential, Ms. Dixon, Mr. Patterson, Dr. Reynolds and Ms. Abrams are educators that shaped my vision of teaching. One I met when I was eight years old and another just years ago in graduate school.  I can shut my eyes and still see and hear one of their lectures.  How often do you walk away from a class, on-line learning, presentation, or article and say that? Just like them,  my goal is to deliver content that impresses and leaves my audience feeling the passion for what I do.


As a marathoner,  I understand success is not a sprint. Training lays the foundation while perseverance and passion propels you forward. With each assignment I aim for Operative Working and Learning Smarter because it's been said that 'hindsight is 20/20,'  which I ask why can't the present be 20/20?  If a project calls for the pace to step-up,  you will never see me sweat. Besides running, laughter and yoga are my keys to calm while delivering a timely product  that meets your vision - well, that is what I call victory.

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